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Frites et spécialités
Mama Carlton
Made in Cameroun !

Taste the difference !

Mama Carlton's delicious fresh and frozen potato recipes will make the whole family happy. They are made here in Yaoundé, using the best products of Cameroun’s agriculture, so come and try the best quality fries and chips ever !

Pommes de terre biologiques
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Our values
Authentic, local & tasty

At Mama Carlton we love potatoes and we are committed to doing our job in the best possible way. Every day, we work hard to fulfill our goals : making high-quality, authentic and tasty food products affordable to everyone while being environmentally-friendly. We are proud of using the best of Cameroun’s agriculture in each of our family recipe so as to offer succulent locally-grown products matching the best international standards.

mama carlton
mama carlton
mama carlton
mama carlton
mama carlton
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