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Making authentic high quality food products more accessible

Following the strictest international quality standards and caring for sustainable development, Mama Carlton’s team cooks here in the country authentic and savoury products for the whole family to enjoy.

Natural & Authentic

100% natural ingredients and family recipes make our products the perfect choice for those who love the taste of authentic cuisine. Fresh or frozen, available in family or individual packs at your local shop, everybody can now feel at home enjoying Mama Carlton’s famous recipes.

Locally-grown and environmentally-friendly

This is the choice we made to contribute as much as we can to Cameroun’s economy.

Mama Carlton’s team is proud of offering the only “100% made in Cameroun” chips and fries, directly from our country fields to your plates !

By choosing our local Mama Carlton’s products this year, you have directly contributed to the creation of 50 new jobs in our facilities in Yaoundé and about the same amount amongst our partners (farms, suppliers,….).

Do you know that the carbon food print of your local Mama Carlton’s fries is also a thousand times better than its imported equivalent which has had to travel very long distances on roads and seas to reach your plate ?

Mama Carlton : better for our economy, better for our environment !

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