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Mama Carlton, how do you make them taste so great ?

Be demanding, select the best…
"No good fries without great potatoes ! I cook my favorite type of potatoes which are rigorously selected for their perfect texture and unique taste. These are grown locally by partnering Cameroonian farmers who passionately work hard to make the best quality products. Every natural ingredient that is essential to my recipes (such as vegetal cooking oil, salt or spice) has gone through an equally demanding selection process. Cameroun is home to incredibly qualitative agricultural products : my job is to find them, to cook incredibly tasty dishes !"

Be quality obsessed !
"Getting the perfect fries each day is hard work ! You need to continuously ensure that each stage of the recipe is executed with the same high-level quality focus. Our daily priorities are a rigorous slicing technique, a perfectly-timed pre-heating phase, a fast wrapping process and a diligent management of the cold-chain from our kitchen to our customers (hotels, restaurants, grocery shops)"

100% delicious – 100% Made in Cameroun
"In our modern kitchen matching international quality standards, you will find passionate cooking Mamas busy bringing my recipes to life every day. We are very happy to share with you the most tasty fries you will find out there, 100% made in Cameroun !"

Your turn now !

"For all our efforts to turn into deliciously crispy chips, we only need you to magnify them with a perfect frying ! Don’t worry though, my cooking tip can be found on each packaging to make them the way I like them best. However, we all have our own preferences and tastes, so nothing will ever replace your personal touch. Now, have your loved-ones enjoy the best fries : undoubtedly yours !..."

Enjoy your meal !

And please let me know if you liked my recipes by sharing your views here !

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